There is something you need to talk about...

But where do you turn?

Trying to talk about things that are private, upsetting, unformed, can feel difficult and risky.


At Talking Cure we know from experience how transformative it can be to talk to the right person at significant times in our lives. Our qualified and talented therapists provide counselling and psychotherapy in Central London (Harley Street, W1).


Depending on your needs and preferences we can see you on your own for Individual Counselling/Psychotherapy, as a couple for Couples' Counselling/Relationship Therapy, or within a group for Group Therapy.


Click here to contact us and for a map and directions to our Central London location.




We also offer therapy in Mandarin.

本診所提供中文 (普通話) 心理咨詢服務


We are experienced in helping if you are:


  • Feeling generally low (e.g. ongoing loneliness, sense of futility, mood swings, stress, confusion, anger, trouble sleeping, depression, anxiety)


  • Facing a specific crisis (e.g. loss, change, trauma, decisions, illness, issues around pregnancy including infertility, affairs, relationship breakups, divorce, bereavement, abortion)

  • Wanting to improve relationships (e.g. experiencing difficulty forming or sustaining satisfying relationships, problems within personal or work relationships, needing help with how to address something important with someone close to you, marriage trouble, conflict, family problems, difficulty with intimacy)

  • Grappling with life issues and choices (e.g. identity, sexuality, spirituality, career, parenting)

  • Suffering health problems with no clear physical cause (e.g. fatigue)

We offer


A secure and confidential professional relationship through which problems can be identified, confronted and resolved in the privacy of regular, reliable sessions. Our approach is thoughtful, sensitive and respectful. All Talking Cure therapists abide by the principles of good practice outlined in the Ethical Framework of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy).


All our therapists are registered and accredited in the United Kingdom with one or more relevant professional organization according to their training and specialisation (for more explanation click on who we are).

If you are undecided about whether to see a therapist you might like to read why see a therapist?


We know that finding a good counsellor or psychotherapist can be daunting.


We can help you find the right way forward: telephone us on 020 8883 0361 (8am to 11pm) to arrange a confidential no-obligation personal consultation or email us.


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"Sometimes talking is the best medicine"